Talent Ecosystem Conference 2017

Reshaping the Multi-Generational Workforce

August 17, 2017
Venue: The Summit 1, Level M1,
Connexion Conference & Event Centre (CCEC) @ The Vertical, Pantai Dalam, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

About Talent Ecosystem Conference 2017

Talent Ecosystem Conference is designed and introduced to the HR Community in support of greater understanding of Malaysian and Global Talent. Understanding the synergy and dynamic of our precious talent is the genesis of effective communication between all the stakeholders in the ecosystem. Returning for a fifth year, TEC has become a highly anticipated HR Conference to foster openness in addressing dynamic ideas, connect in interactive discussions, and create lasting connections. With extensive groundwork and research from the current state of the industry and experts, Talent Intelligence Sdn Bhd is committed to bringing in the best speakers to present about the most relevant topics in the industry.

The workforce today is expecting an emergence of a multi-generational gap. As more millennials are entering the workforce as new graduates, companies are becoming increasingly concerned about fulfilling the talent gap that will replace the retiring Baby Boomer generation. By 2020, 50% of our workforce will be populated by millennials. However, companies are noticing that their new hires have different work ethics, behaviour, and attributes. They struggle to attract talented hires that could work with the existing organisation culture. Retaining their best from the millennial generation is essential to the future of businesses. Therefore, organisations needs to be agile in reshaping the workforce; hence the theme suggested –

Reshaping The Multi-Generational Workforce.

About The Who Wants To Be The HR Boss

The contest aims to empower the HR community with practical usage of resources for organizations to transform and enable change in their workforce. Our attendees have often come to TEC with an open and hopeful heart for answers to their most pressing issues, but not everyone leaves the conference with the tools and capabilities they need to execute.

HR executives, managers, directors and all leaders can now overcome these challenges with the winnings to bring forth their team and organisation. TEC will equip the HR Boss with the data, best practices and resources they need to enable transformation. Together with the industry players, Aon Hewitt, SelfDrvn Enterprise, People Psyence, we bring to you more than half a million worth of prizes.

We are looking for ambitious TEC delegates in a HR role, ready to transform their organization.